In the Middle of a Drought

Although it has been pouring over Manila the last couple of days, my words seem to have stopped right when I ended my previous post. After eight long days of trying to muster up a decent blog entry to fill in this space, I can’t seem to compose a post-worthy paragraph.

“Just write,” I said to myself, “no excuses.”

So today, on this gloomy Tuesday afternoon, I finally decide to go for it. So whatever will come up in the next few lines, please cut me a little slack. (Even my tweets seem to have lacked life lately.)

I’m currently in bed with a bag of caramel puffs by my side, my laptop conveniently sitting on top of me, and a bunch on pillows embracing my PMS-ing self. I haven’t been checking my phone even though I know for a fact that an important message might be there just because I don’t feel like it. My aching back is killing me and an SMS that will make me think is the last thing I want in my life right now. Although I know I’m going to regret this all later tonight.

The next days, however, are quite a few I’m looking forward to. Hopefully, I get to see my bestfriend whom I feel like I haven’t caught up with in ages (Lexie just flew in from Singapore last night), attend our July storycon on Thursday, and go out of town with the family this coming weekend to celebrate my brother’s coming of age (he turned 13 last week). But, I don’t want to hype myself up since the only thing certain in this list is Thursday — the rest have a huge percentage of getting postponed again.


I’ve drafted and drafted and drafted, but I really seem to be stuck in a rut. I’m posting this unfinished post to remind me someday of how I am when writer’s block hits me. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen when I need words the most.

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