Reaching my Quota

I woke up a tad bit early today considering that MWFs are practically my grace period from my 7am yoga classes the rest of the week. You see, I have a Filipino quiz later this afternoon and even though I’ve studied for it, I’m dreading it like crazy. Last Monday, I slaved myself reading the epic from cover-to-cover just to prepare me for this day — but why does it feel like I haven’t slaved at all?

Yesterday, I got my COM100 reflection paper and Psych quiz. I was feeling kind of ecstatic to see the fruits of my labor and was very disappointed to see dried mangoes. Although good, it wasn’t good enough.

I may not look like the typical girl who cares about her academics, but trust me, I do. It is not that I’m competitive and have nothing else going in my life. It’s just that my major driving force is to do things apart from the rest and I like to do things that separate me from the palette. I can sometimes come off as shallow to some, but I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual if we look at it in a different perspective. While reading this, you might be cooking up a lecture on ‘grades don’t make who a person is’, yes that’s true and I totally agree, but wait until you hear my argument about ‘effort builds up a person’s character’.

This entry, actually, is myself addressing myself, lecturing myself, pushing myself. My parents have never pressured me to be an achiever. It has always been a battle within myself but I just don’t know whether I’ll win it this time.

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