You Will

Today, Kara, you will do as I say.

Listen not to the external forces that have urged you to cram everything in your way, pushing back the time you could have spent in something actually worthwhile.

  • When the clock strikes 1o, you will get away from the keyboard and run straight to your bathroom door.
  • No, you will not change your outfit three times just because you think it makes your tummy look big. It is big.
  • Under the scorching sun, you will drag your feet to the building everyone loves to hate.
  • And, you will tweet about this slow-moving couple in Bel. Trust me on this.
  • You will try to make sense of Theology, wait an hour, then whine about how you didn’t make sense of it at all.
  • Berch waits for you, you succumb to its call. After all, a class with Sir Yapan is one you dare not miss.
  • (You will think of going to Taft, control yourself)
  • You will go home, do your Filipino Paper and COM101 homework.
  • Time shouldn’t be wasted. Do what you can.
  • When 7:30pm arrives, you will walk to school to get a nice seat in Edges.
  • After being left in a daze you will —
  • — its 10:10, you promised to get your ass moving.

Today, Kara, you will listen to me. You will.

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