Lechon’s Aftermath

Wednesday was a milestone for my ever-so-greedy tummy. There was lechon for breakfast, lechon for lunch, and lechon for dinner — all thanks to my sweet father who flew in from Cebu and drove all the way with mom from the airport to Katipunan just to satisfy their daughter’s incessant cravings. It was all good, and this is what  I would call a perfect day.

To my dismay, the next day greeted me with a series of unfortunate events. From waking up to back and chest pains, to almost missing my yoga class, and to ending the night with a feverish self, gone were the chocolate covered happy pills Wednesday blessed me with. I think now its safe to say that good things don’t quite last.

Cramming over breakfast two days in a row!

School’s got me burnt out. The whole week was a blur of quizzes, and long exams. Studying our asses off every single day probably left my body with no choice but to surrender. And now, four days later, I’m still in bed, feeling even worse than the onset of this virus.

Tomorrow, I am staying home and skipping class. Not because I dare not face my Theology exam results (okay, maybe I’m a little too scared to know), but because I can’t even lift a single finger without feeling weak altogether. And what makes it even worse is that I spent my first long weekend in the South with a bunch of OTC meds, gallons of water, and an overflowing bin of used Kleenex. Ick!

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