On Crutches and Photoshoots

To the twenty-something people who have managed to find my shy little blog in the course of the eleven days that I have left it on hiatus, thank you so much for making it feel loved.

On crutches…

The past week was full of intense pain shooting up my brain because of my sprained ankle. Thanks to my ever so clumsy self, I managed to twist it whilst walking. Yes, walking, and not some extreme sport which would have made the injury way cooler. No photos for these, though. Or at least none that I know of.

Despite this crappy situation — walking from Bel to Berch, limping to class, and delaying people in the stairway, among others, I pretty much stopped wallowing in self-pity. All these because of my commuting trip from Katipunan to the South that showed me the ‘good’ in others. There still is hope for my countrymen, after all.

Follow me, I tweet on trains.

…and photoshoots.

The ACOMM PRO Photoshoot photographed by Nikki Jurado and styled by Janyn Chua. I’ll never forget this afternoon!

Meet ACOMM 8's Public Relations Officers
With Retty, Roxy, Ali, and Toni
Profile picture worthy!

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