Downright Disappointed

Dear Kara,

What do you want to do with your life?

I know you’ve set some goals for yourself but you haven’t really followed through. When college started, you got yourself accepted into The GUIDON and that was one milestone I will never forget. Come your second year in the Ateneo, you finally landed that coveted spot in the Dean’s List — you made it, and again, I couldn’t have been more proud. You worked your ass off. You slaved reading endless chapters of the more-than-heavy Psychology book you never really got accustomed to carrying around, scheduling interviews, making it to the deadline, shooting for final projects, and basically grabbing so much more than your plate could fill. All these plus ACOMM work on another hand, I give you props for being a semi-super heroine.

But Kara, that full plate you hold in your hands isn’t going to feed you after stepping out of the university’s walls. Compared to the bigger plates out there, yours will seem like a minuscule, irrelevant pixel no one is even going to notice. Has this occurred to you, Kara? Well, I hope it has because a year and a half already passed you by — time won’t wait, and as Armageddon-istic as this may sound, the end (well at least for your time in college) is very much near.

Also, opportunities don't come to you. You look for them, and once found -- you hold on to whatever you can and pray for a great ride.

I know sometimes it scares you to try, but remember how liberating it felt like last July? Remember how the thrill of submitting your résumé gave you shivers down your spine? Why don’t you do something like that once more? Read more books, they will sharpen your writing prowess. Shoot more with Joe, he will show you what it feels like to see the world through his 55mm. Talk, talk, and talk more because there is absolutely no room for a quiet millisecond, even. Make yourself known, show them what you’re made of, and tell hesitance to go to hell.

You need this, Kara. You need to move forward and up the ante. This is your one sem Dean’s List-ing, Features Editor aspiring, job searching, no-meat eating self telling you to stand up and get moving. She is terribly concerned and downright disappointed.

You’ll be 19 in four months and I suggest that when I check up on you then, you’ll have my “to do” list for you scratched out and duly accomplished.

Here with you every step of the way, The ever-so-frustrated Kara

P.S. – Here’s a platter, not a plate. Fill it up — and fill it up real good.

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