My Christmas Break In Photos

I never thought my Christmas Break would ever come. Days before the blessed morning of December 23rd, I found myself caught up in 4 Long Exams, a pending letter of intent, and a pile of requirements for The GUIDON’s EB Race all due the next morning. With that amass of things I needed to get done, I thought I’d never live to see the light of day. Of course my exaggeration always fails to live up to its intensity so here I am, blogging about the break that is soon to become a ‘have been’.

1. Family Traditions

Christmas Eve has always been the highlight for my family’s year. For the past two years, we’ve flew solo to celebrate the holidays alone in Subic and the Ilocos Region. This year, we still kept that ‘just-the-4-of-us’ kind of thing, only we didn’t go to some place we haven’t explored. It was just us 4, under our quaint little tree which has forever been adorned with red and gold, our gifts wrapped in odd containers to lure the recipient into guessing what the present is, and of course the joy of knowing how blessed we all were to have each other. I did have a ‘Merry Christmas’, and I’ve got my family to thank.

Mandatory Christmas Family Photo
You now know what I got for Christmas because Joe's built-in flash couldn't have lighted up the room this bright!

2. Highschool Reunions

Although college gets in the way, we always manage to catch up when we can.  There’s absolutely nothing like highschool — and may we be a testimony to you all.

Kara, Jes, and Cuna
Hacked in to Jes' twitter account with Cuna!
Practicing for our belly dancing stint for Jes' debut on Friday

Block M's Annual Christmas Dinner
2010 was the year I discovered the wonders of make-up
The Game of Life which never really pushed thru!
My senior year -- 2 years later

3. Chinese Adventures

To anyone who has experienced my rants on how difficult it is to get a hold of Jan this year will know that a stint like this will seem like a milestone for a girl like me. 2010 was difficult for me because I had to bear weeks (6 weeks the most) without getting to see my Chinese Peking Duck. Wong, you see, has been over and above his academic standing and org work spending thrice the amount of time compared to last year’s. I would be an immature partner to wish these responsibilities farewell, which I don’t, of course — but I deserve some right to have felt an ounce less thrilled being the one who comes in second.

Lucky for me, Wong decided to become my very own Kung-Fu Assassin when he ambushed me one morning to take me out for a Post-Christmas date! The afternoon was fondly spent stuffing our mouths with impeccable Chinese cuisine at Zong, a movie we both regretted watching, and 10 rings to add to my growing collection. This is one of the best Christmases ever, considering I’ve missed one with you last year, Jan. Thank you so much and always know that I love you even through the tough were-so-caught-up-in-school times.

Another + to the things we have in common: Bad Hair Days
Forgive the unkempt fingertips, but these rings are too pretty not to show off. Best boyfriend ever, you know, for going through ring shopping just for me. 🙂

So there you have it, two weeks in 12 photos. It would be nice to add more from my 1/1/11 experience, but I’ll leave my Tumblr to do the talking for that because in less than 24 hours, I’ll get shipped out to the North once again and my treacherous journey to the end of my Sophomore Year will soon begin. The results of my tests, an overdue article, a crammed Ad Principles project, and the 2nd batch of EB Race requirements lovingly wait for me to welcome them into my warm embrace. It would be nice to know that I’ll kick their ass, but as of the moment, I’d rather slump into the comforts of my bed and enjoy a few more days lounging around my beloved South home.

That, and maybe a miracle to save me from this terrible flu.

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