The GUIDON goes Lacoste, et. al.

Yesterday was a bucketful of happy hormones for myself yet again. I spent the entire afternoon with amazing people and went on a shoot for this academic year’s column profile photos for The GUIDON. We headed off to Camera Cart Studios in Maginhawa and needless to say, it was quite the experience. I tried to take a few (awfully blurry) camera phone photos here and there, but of course nothing can beat the magic of my friend and Photo Editor, Pia Guballa.

Without further ado, here’s my wonderful day in photos!

Chilled (literally) in the pub while waiting for the others to arrive.
Pia setting up the place!
Chels and Aika while waiting for their turn...
Hello Luther!
The happy ones, Mikee and Kai ❤
This is where the "magic happens". (Just you wait for the final shots!)

And now for the Pia Guballa masterpieces (some photos can be found here):

The GUIDON EB 2011-2012 (Missing Jules, Ceej and Angie)
The girls ❤
With Chelsea and Luther
My personal favorite! Thank you so much Pia!

To explain my blog title:

In the attempts of being pretentious Lacoste models...
...I sort of worked my Photoshop skills (or lack, thereof) to make our dreams come true!

This day cannot be any less than perfect, and what better way to cap it all off than with a tall glass of Moonleaf milktea (my latest milktea discovery!) and a scrumptious Spanish dinner at Sancho’s with the people I love spending great times with.

(...and how "Pia" became "Emil", we never really knew.)

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