Mythical Five

It’s Day 3 of my first semester and aside from excessively sweating, there are also a couple of things that I’ve been excessively obsessing (not really, but I’m getting there!) about.

  1. Great company – It has been a month after my break-up and with the amount of time I now claimed back for myself, I never realized how much I’ve been missing out on AAAs. Yes, I’m baduy like that–coining my term for hanging out as After Acads Afternoons. Spending time with both my Guidon and ACOMM families (sorry for being overly sentimental, I swear there isn’t any other word to describe who they are to me) have been nothing but the best.
  2. (Pretentious) exercising – Following my rocky afternoon yesterday was a determined Kara to shed off the extra pounds. After 3 rounds around Ateneo that lasted for 1 1/2 hours and 100 crunches to top it off, I think I want to push myself harder to keep up with this routine–doing it daily, and not only when I feel like I’m on the verge of PMS-ing.
  3. Caf Up food stalls – Since I’m not really into the JSEC Stalls this year, save for my best (and biased!) option, Sushi Samurai, I’ve come to appreciate Caf Up even more. I can’t believe we now have California Berry, Mushroom Burger, and 711 ice cream! I’m actually just excited about the ice cream part because I’ll now have an alternative to my favorite avocado dirty ice cream cones from the cafeteria. (For those who prefer to bask in the Caf heat, be sure to try their Roti (?) options and diced hopia. Although sketchy, they taste pretty amazing.)
  4. RecWeek – Kick-starting Beyond Loyola with a great June release and having a more than successful OrSem ACOMM Department Talk, I’m looking forward to getting new recruits, especially from the freshmen. I remember my awkward, akala-ko-Senior-ka-kasi-ang-tangkad-mo self two years ago, and how I’ve played my cards fairly well to get to my happy place now. I just hope the new meat wouldn’t be scared to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. What I like most about my freshman year was I sort of challenged myself despite my illogical insecurities–and that’s what I pray for every freshman to have.
  5. Falling, not failing – Losing my Dean’s List slot to a nominal grade in History, I’m quite determined to climb back up the ladder this year. That, and you know, (hopefully) falling again before I leave my heart in San Francisco.

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