Doctor Who?

My last discharge sheet from Dr. YatcoYou’re looking at my last discharge sheet from Dr. Yatco.

I’ve been sick since Tuesday and as college’s hectic lifestyle would normally take its toll on the average student’s health from time to time, I shrugged off my cough and colds–giving it no more than my go-to drug, Bioflu.

Yesterday, however, my body took a turn for the worst: collapsing on me like the universe’s weight was on my shoulders, pinning me down ’til bedtime came. This wasn’t new to me, actually, because ever since, I was always regarded as the sickly kid who frequented the infirmary back in Manresa.

I visited my pediatrician today (yes, I’m 19) and found out that this seemingly “over-the-counter” sickness that’d go away with a few tabs here and there, was actually an impending case of bronchitis and influenza waiting to happen. Lucky for me, I was back home when my anti-bodies could no longer suppress the virus because otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to manage it alone in Katipunan.

The three things that broke my heart today, on this eventful trip to Dr. Yatco’s clinic, are the following:

1. This will apparently last me two weeks, tops. As if the trouble of getting work done last week wasn’t enough punishment, I am blessed with another 14 days to endure. Bed rest and an awful lot of liquids to drain my system out is my best bet, and I do hope it works it magic pretty soon. Missing out on today’s ACOMM Project Manager’s Training breaks my heart in so many ways and I wouldn’t want to feel the same way on Sunday should I miss the deliberations for The GUIDON’s new staff line up.

2. “You will look like your mother’s sister in 10 years.” -Dr. Yatco on my pescetarian diet

I also found out that my meat-less lifestyle should come to an end if I want to save my health, most especially my skin. Dr. Yatco does not recommend scrimping on my protein intake because it will eventually “dry me up” (literally) and cause the depletion in renewing my skin cells in the future.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. But I’m not making the decision of going back to meat just yet. A year into this drastic change in me seems a little too hard to let go, especially when I’ve already put in so much effort and invested so much “will” into what I’ve conditioned my body for. That, and my growing attachment to animals…barely even surviving last night’s Guagzhou Episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

3. Dr. Pamintuan Who? Yes, I refuse to accept the fact that today will be my last ever consult with my pediatrician for 15 years. It makes me quite sad to be leaving Dr. Yatco’s care.

After consultations today, he already referred me to an “adult” doctor for my next check-up. I know I’m too old, lining up among toddlers and pre-teens with an InStyle magazine in hand, but I feel like I cannot trust my health with anyone but Dr. Yatco. He has seen my brother and I grow and no one knows our body the way he does. Every asthma attack and hospitalization was easy for us to manage because of him…it will definitely be hard for anyone to fill in his shoes.

Nonetheless, I’m positive that my new doctor will take care of me the way he made sure everything was fine between my brother and I. (Also, I can’t wait for when I have children of my own, when it will be their turn to experience the medical care I’ve grown up to be comfortable with. I’ll be sure to bring them to the best doctor in town! ✓)

My morning has generally been a mix of high-s and low-s and I really hope a brighter week greets me soon. I want my normal, healthy, happy self back and I’d really fancy a hassle-free life just right about now.

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