A conversation over dinner

In the middle of dinner, eating my friend’s own Tuna Flakes recipe (Thanks Mateo!) and my black homemade milk tea, Lexie and I suddenly broke out into talking about what has become of our lives after 19 years. With her brother, Jao, accomplishing his Ateneo application requirements and my brother, Franco being at an age where I actually started to like boys, it’s kind of scary to think about how we’re moving at such a fast rate.

In a few days, she’ll be leaving for Espana to attend the World Youth Day celebration and as for me, I have a little over half a year to make the most out of my stay in sunny Manila. To say that we’ve reached our dreams would be an understatement, probably because back when we were 8 year olds crushing on our tallest classmate, we never would’ve thought we’d grow up to be where we are now. Going through these things together, still, is of course an added bonus.

Thinking about what we’ve done in the past makes us want to laugh at our childish selves. When we look back at how we thought “love would conquer all”, it makes us wonder who were we kidding, really? The things we thought that mattered at an age of 14 seems pretty far-fetched and just silly after five years passed us by.

I actually don’t know where I’m going at this point. It’s probably the weather that’s dragging me to type away. Whatever it is, though, I feel like some epiphany is bound to hit me pretty soon.

I do hope it’s a good one.

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