Attempts of surviving ‘Juaning’

I missed class yesterday to oversleeping and went to school for nothing–braving the harsh winds and pouring rain–because my Eco class was technically non-existent. I completely forgot that my professor called classes off last week. I felt really stupid, for the lack of a better term.

Today, classes in all levels were cancelled in the anticipation of typhoon Juaning’s arrival in Metro Manila. Lexie and I, being the paranoid girls we always are, headed straight for Rustan’s to buy supplies that will ‘save us’ in the event that anything should happen. Also, being away from home heightens the paranoia. Without our mothers to come to our rescue, the following photos are records of our attempt in being responsible. An attempt that I feel like we’ve barely passed, to say the very least.

The irony of my shirt and what’s inside the bag surprised me a bit

We came home with 2 bags filled with groceries, with most of it probably unnecessary buys. We’re not exactly your breed of impulsive consumers, but food will always be our #1 weakness.

Water — because our dorm’s water lady didn’t open shop again

Of course we didn’t fail to buy the necessity for survival: water. Starting out with 3 liters in our cart, we grabbed an extra one just to make sure we had enough. So far, the liquid count in our dorm are these 3 1.5L bottles of water, 2 pitchers, 2 Coke bottles, a pack of Yakult, and a bottle of organic green tea. I guess it’s safe to say that we’ve got an ample supply of liquids to last us ’til the weekend.

Survival, in our world, are these little packets of saving grace

I’m sure all those kinds of bread and easy open canned tuna are pretty much self-explanatory, but the pack of Jellyace seems a bit obscure. To explain this trivial item I bought, Jellyace is believed to be the most handy and efficient cure for dehydration and hunger because of its water and sugar content. I thought I never knew anything from the civilian military training I went through back in high school, but thankfully some of the “useful” knowledge is still with me.

I have finally found the cure to Kevin C and I’s Chow Mein craving!
So…we really don’t know how we ended up buying these

Welcome to healthy living…not. Lexie and I ended up stuffing our cart with useless junk that wouldn’t really get to ‘save’ us should we need some saving. For one, chips can’t really satisfy one’s hunger and isn’t very filling. To add to that, it will even dehydrate us even more! The instant noodles we bought would be deemed useless once the power goes for the lack of electricity to heat water up to cook them. This may count as one of the most un-thought of decisions we have ever made…but I guess inside we don’t really regret succumbing to our cheap thrill cravings.

As for the irony I was talking about, my PE shirt and exercise shorts combo won’t really mask the extra pounds I will be gaining after I consume our loot. I hope everyone is as “ready” as we are!

Stay safe, kids.

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