On ending and beginning August

There are so many drafts I have yet to post–one being my eventful night watching the Azkals’ match versus Kuwait a couple of days ago. Sadly, this entry won’t be about it just yet.

Although I really could’ve finished that pending entry, fixed my room, or actually begun flipping through my ComRes material, here I am typing away on a screen that’s a little less than 2″ and with a qwerty keyboard that suffers from my excessive texting.

Yes, folks, I am lying comfortably on my bed and again sleepless from too much thinking. In exactly 16 days, you see, I would’ve reached the 3-month-rule mark. It still feels quite surreal that I’ve managed through all the ups and downs alone, especially when I’ve been accustomed to having him 24/7. Sure, I always have my support system in check, but believe me when I say that this is the farthest I’ve felt total independence since God knows when.

I don’t know where the next three months would take me, but I really just wanted to immortalize the feeling of being able to breathe. Even though I’ve put an end to what was supposedly our 4th year, I’m quite happy to say that I’ve marked the beginning for my new life ahead. My recent posts may seem like an emotional whirlwind of sorts and may drag some of you to shake your heads saying, “Fine we get it, you’re single and happy. Can we please move one now?”, but it’s really different if you were in my shoes.

It just really feels good to be free. And it’s something I wish I had earlier…something I would’ve enjoyed longer had I known to be just a wee bit more brain than completely full of heart.

It was great loving you, really. But it’s time I loved myself.

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3 thoughts on “On ending and beginning August”

  1. Kara! It’s funny how most of the blog entries I’ve been coming across lately are of people writing about their past relationships. Don’t get me wrong, but I find strength in reading entries like these. Not that I get joy from your loss, but it’s nice to hear from someone’s who’s already been where you’re still at. I’m happy you’re happy now! You’re proof that even while ending the best of relationships is difficult, when done for the right reasons, it ends up being worth it. 🙂

    1. Iya! Thank you for getting what I mean. Sometimes I think I’m being too vague or that all I could ever come up with these days are about my past relationship but there’s something about “telling the world” (literally) that liberates the pain inside.

      Here’s to being stronger and happier! Glad we’re on the same page 🙂

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