Pushing myself

GALING NATIN!! @karasantiago @MilesAtadero @thejoshlao @colal... on Twitpic
A Twitpic of my AdMan group (via @TriciaJavier)

 “Ayoko na!”

Those two words were with me for the past two weeks and although the stretch is over, I can’t help but go back to how I’ve felt. Despite this pseudo-quitting phase of mine, however, my group and I have dedicated 14 long days and nights coming up with our midterm campaign for The Lerato (a condominium in Makati established by Alveo Land, an Ayala Land Inc. company).

As all labor will definitely have its own fruit, I can definitely say that we have harvested a perfectly ripened bunch. With all things going exactly how we envisioned them to be, the presentation we had earlier was flawless (bias aside) and smooth-sailing. The fulfillment that overcame us after exiting the room is one for my long list of mental college notes. It is one that moved me and one that I won’t forget. The happiness we felt was beyond words–we were very blessed to have worked with each other and equally thankful to those people who have helped us out throughout the campaign’s process.

What made this day matter to me a lot is probably attributed to the fact that I have had a few lows recently. I guess it’s hard for me to admit it at the beginning, but my frustrations in life are slowly kicking in. This journey, for the lack of a better term, proved to me that hard work isn’t to be left waiting in vain. It showed me, no matter how hard I try to stop myself from believing so, that efforts are not always tossed out the window.

In the coming days, I promise myself to push more and strive even harder. With the few months left for me in sunny Manila, I owe myself a fulfilling set of my final stretch. Having said that, I hope that I finally meet some of my goals (most of it far-fetched) which include that evasive B in Economics, that brilliant column idea for Vox Populi, that 20 pound weight loss, and that shot of reciprocation in finding a brighter day amidst the fury.

And why that last phrase was cryptic and senseless, I don’t know either.

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