Silent noise

Tweeted on September 4, 2011

For reasons of apparent procrastination bouts, I went through my only note in Facebook and decided to put in on private. It was a lengthy piece, written relatively nearing the post-Friendster era, about “25 Random Things” I can say about myself.

Looking through the comments my friends left made me realize that my #13 (see photo above), was definitely one fact about myself I can never deny. From this very blog, to my then-active Tumblr, and down to my Twitter account presented a very detailed map of my emotions throughout the years that have passed.

I do not give out much information about what really happens to me, but the way I elaborate on my feelings seem like I dig my grave one blog post or tweet at a time. I allowed myself to become vulnerable and I am not so sure if that is a good thing. It is for this reason, I suppose, that I have written my Philosophy paper and switched to a private Twitter — I felt like I’ve gone overboard with my episodes of online off-loading.

This however, does not mean I have entirely quit on my only outlet for ceaseless and wandering thoughts. Heck, if I weren’t so sleepy right now, I’d go on talking about how it feels like to be cheated on and to realize that what you used to believe in was all a big, fat lie. But then again, sometimes I just really have to shut up.

Like, say…now.

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