Part 2: A girl’s guide to (not) painting the town red

Continued from this entry: Part 1: A girl’s guide… 

MOST COMFORTABLE ★★★ Modess Cottony Soft All-Night with Wings (36.50php for a pack of four)

 A pad needs not only to be absorbent and have a great coverage, because comfort is a very important factor, too. Modess boasts a raised center that allows a more body-fit design and a soft outer layer that feels good to the touch. It is not intrusive and allows itself to hug your body naturally, making you feel that you’re protected without the feeling of having an unfamiliar object that stays with you all day.

However, the quality that is expected for a big brand like Modess doesn’t quite reflect in this product. The absorbent material in the pad is not compact, giving off the impression that an attempt to lessen production costs took place. This, in turn, affected the absorbency of Modess.

Although fluids were easily captured by the pad and leaks are the least of concerns especially with its perfect fit, the amount it could handle before the fibers separate is not so much. After every use, the noticeable change in shape of the pad is proof of its lack of absorbent fiber compactness. Pads are first and foremost there to absorb a period. It is in this light that Modess should take note that their ergonomic design is not enough to keep consumers satisfied with their product – their napkins must do their jobs.

Modess could have won best over all napkin preference, especially when its top competitor, Whisper, has its strength as its loophole (Whisper has a terrible rep in terms of fit). However, the company should rethink their strategies in cutting costs, if that is what they were trying to do.

MOST ECONOMICAL ★ Kotex Fit Pads Maxi Non-Wing (16.50php for a pack of eight)

Kimberly Clark made a huge mistake by marketing Kotex Fit Pads Maxi as their overnight variant. Imagine the disappointment that overthrew me when I opened the packaging – the pad seemed like a bunch of cotton scraps bound by an outer lining. It didn’t even deserve to be called a sanitary napkin. A puffed panty liner is what it is.

Non-wing napkins in general need to have a strong adhesive to balance out its lack of support positioning. Kotex, just like how it forgot that it’s supposed to function as an overnight napkin, missed this essential characteristic as well. As a result, the pad kept moving around which made it very difficult for me to move as well. When it comes to its fluid volume capacity, well, absorbency is not even a question anymore.

An epitome of false labeling and categorizing, this is what Kotex Fit Pads Maxi is made of – good thing it didn’t really sell itself much more than what it deserved. One will definitely feel its being a mere two pesos per pad. Economical? Maybe so.

I guess it’s quite easy to tell whether of not this pad performed. Oh wait, it didn’t.

BEST OVER ALL ★★★★★ Sisters Longer Slim with Wings (19.70php for a pack of eight)

 Just as much as you would trust your sister, you would definitely trust Sisters Longer Slim, too. Who would’ve thought that an obscure and not-so established brand would rise above the rest?

The masa appeal Sisters has is the only hindrance for most consumers to try the product out. But, after taking that single step of purchasing Sisters, one will pull a “Teenage Dream” effect – your heart will stop and won’t ever look back. The price and quantity spells out sulit like no other brand can. Coupled with excellent performance, this napkin trumps the rest.

Throughout the day, Sisters does not leave a sticky feeling, even though the pad is already full. The dry finish of the napkin stays dry throughout the day and it really locks all the fluids in. It quickly absorbs your period and has grooves embedded in it to keep leaks from happening. The concept of tagos is actually made a myth by Sisters, proving that these unnecessary stressors are indeed unnecessary.

Sisters Longer Slim wins this challenge as the underdog who rose to the top. Albeit grand advertising campaigns and constant market promotions, this item proved that local based companies can produce world-class products, too.

Without a doubt, Sisters will soon find itself in the ranks of the more sought after brands like Whisper and Modess, proving to be better than what consumers think to be the best.

This entry is the Part 2 of an omnibus review on sanitary napkins available in Manila for a class on Writing about Culture (Ateneo de Manila University – Communication Department). Written by Kara R. Santiago on September 19, 2011.

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