Getting there

A photo from my friend, Jules, who used to collect Post Secret-s from years back.

 The Alchemist, this photo and Eat, Pray, Love — all in one week.

What that says about me is quite obvious and judging from the money I have left in my pocket (yes, I mean I haven’t got much left), its safe to say that I have been trudging on the road of finding myself. From rewarding myself to great dinner-s out with friends, hoarding accessories, and even to (impulse) buying a 50mm, it seems like there’s no stopping me from suppressing my trodden thoughts.

Although I began in full throttle, I felt like I’ve lost momentum somewhere along in the middle and was vulnerable to stalling, even. As September ended, however, things started looking up and this blog is to remind me that things will definitely be better from here on out.

I see clearer skies ahead and albeit turbulent skies, I have come to a realization that inching my way back to focusing on my goals isn’t such a hard feat anymore. I have my fingers crossed for October: I took a leap of faith.

Let’s see where that’ll take me next.


See also: On being an illegitimate daughter of Lucio Tan, an online column I wrote for The GUIDON last September. This opinion piece was the cherry on top of my ongoing journey in self-discovery. It reminded me how passionate I am about writing and gave me my first real taste of the cut-throat world of journalism.

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