The ‘working’ girl (October 18-26, 2011)

I walked the streets of Makati after attending the Rags2Riches Masaya Collection Launch by Oliver Tolentino and only one thing was going through my mind: Gusto ko nang magtrabaho.” After graduation, I bet I would most definitely disagree with my statement above, but as of the moment, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I’m doing.

I started working last week for asianTraveler Magazine as an account executive trainee handling client relations before moving on as part of the editorial / writing team. Although I enjoyed managing accounts and doing media visits, I instantly found my comfort zone in being absorbed into the publication.

The photo above contains some of the snapshots I’ve taken throughout the entire week. My officemates, Argie and Mia, made it so easy for me to settle in and I could not have asked for better co-workers ever! They made my first week a smooth-sailing ride and made sure the first job jitters were things I wouldn’t have to deal with anytime during my stay.

The Foto a Foto Exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Manila was one experience I’ve added to my list of forget-me-nots. Getting to meet President Aquino III (from afar, though) and the Ambassador of Spain, Jorge Domecq (with photos, too!) in person is probably one of the many highlights this job will get to give me. The Rags2Riches Launch was something interesting, too. As it was my first time to watch a fashion show seated in prime seats, I was definitely awed when the models who graced the stage were right within my reach. Talk about tangible beauty!

This was real, I thought to myself, and it felt so great. I’m pretty excited for the duration of my stay with asianTraveler. I will be eternally grateful to the entire publication, board, and staff for giving me the perfect training ground that I have been long in search for.

Until my next (and hopefully more exciting) post, safe travels ahead! 


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