Tumblr: When reblogs are stronger than words

When reblogging is all you can do.

I’ve been back from my trip (post to come soon, I hope!) since Thursday night and have been sick since. Stuck in bed with the smallest amount of energy spent on going to school to fix my crazy second semester, I have succumbed to the calls of Tumblr and scrolled the entire day away. Yes, I’ve reblogged to my heart’s content and in a way, have felt a pound lighter with the release of emotions that came with each click.

After a messy turnout of events in my life (suffice to say), I’ve learned that being cryptic can only get you so far that sometimes shutting up is probably the wisest thing to do. However, I’ve never really been the type to keep it all in so I ran to Tumblr for my saving grace. And luckily for me, my dashboard seems to be in my favor — churning out text posts that say exactly what I want to sans the personal bias if it were to come out of my mouth.

This post is nothing, really. Just another attempt to buffer the repressed emotions I feel — which I will, with utmost restraint, keep to myself. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that even though I’m okay with being vulnerable, it’s still my duty to protect myself.

For my reblogs, go to Starting Over.

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