In need of a break

When I saw this photo on Tumblr, which I frequent nowadays to relieve me from stress, I felt like I was spoken to by God through the net. Beyond my crazy schedule that I can’t personally keep up with sometimes and the sickly self that’s dealing with these responsibilities, I usually feel helpless, physically drained and you know — just plain tired.

I admittedly bit off more than I could chew but what can I do when being busy is all that keeps me going? Ironic, I know. There’s just something about juggling school, work, and my org responsibilities that have kept me sane ever since my emotional whirlwind of sorts.

Although I am on my second round of antibiotics in a span of less than month (yes, I am that sickly) and my body’s close to giving up, my heart is stronger. So to those of you who read this and have felt a little sigh of exasperation and despair, always know that a) things get better, and b) the hard work and patience is definitely worth the wait.

Mine’s coming in a little less than 40 days, but I’ll tell you when I get there.

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