Wait for me, Mr. Larson

Looking forward to cuddling under the sheets with Mr. Larson again.

This photo gives a clear picture of my three boyfriends getting to know one another pretty well, with one I’ve completely abandoned altogether. I’ve been glued to my baby (yes, that’s what I call my BlackBerry) and Aroni (I do hope you get the point I tried to make in naming my laptop) for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t spent time reading for leisure.

To pick up from where I left from, I was in the middle of immersing myself in Scandinavian espionage with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson. I have meant to finish the book before the movie comes out but at the rate I’m going, I think that want may be a far-fetched goal. After chunking out an article of nearly 2,000 words for work, I felt the urge to grab the book and begin…without realizing that I’ve got a mountain of History readings to finish before Thursday comes + another 6-page paper due on Friday!

I guess I’ll have to postpone, again. Oh world, I really literally need an escape. And yes, by literally, I mean: “Please let me get back to my books. I miss them so.”

2 thoughts on “Wait for me, Mr. Larson”

  1. One of my favorite books actually! I couldn’t put it down. Ps, is your camera fixed again? I love your pictures! I remember that’s how i first knew you before we met… on that tumblr account!

    1. I couldn’t put it down either–until I had to! 😦 Yes it is! I’m so glad to be reunited with it again. Let’s do a shoot before this year ends! Thanks, girl :*

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