The healthier option

I’ve been here in San Francisco for a little over two weeks now and since school has not begun yet, I’m usually either living the couch potato life or taking a stroll around our community. Armed with my camera and my need to resurrect my ‘skills’, I try to use Joe as much as I can.

Below are a few photos of my recent meals / snacks / everything I stuff in my mouth which are my favorites so far. Most of the shots are of healthy food choices because that’s a conscious effort on my end to start the year right. Although I make sure I have my daily intake of fruits or vegetables, I still can’t seem to rid my system of sweets and unnecessary snacking. No photos of the sinful stuff here, though. I’ll save that for next time!

Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies – Heaven in every non-dairy bite.

Brussels Sprouts – It’s interesting how I’ve come to love this vegetable. My Wawa (grandmother) cooks this with a bit of salt and pepper and I eat it with whatever ulam (viand) we have. They taste like mini cabbages and are a bit bitter, but I’d take this over ampalaya any day.

Steak Tacos – Prime T-bone cuts, fresh homemade salsa, cheese and pita rolls. Need I say more?

Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed – When I try to cut down on the chips but feel the need for a salty kick, I succumb to these 60 calorie wonders. I sometimes eat this with rice, too. Yep, Pilipinang Pilipina.

7 Cheese Pasta – Wheat and ‘sea friends’ pasta topped with tomato-based sauce by my Ninang. She chops up fresh mushrooms to go with this dish and it just spells out perfection! I can live on this for weeks and still not be craving for anything else.

Mixed Vegetables and Fruit – To complement, complete, and end every meal with that kick of fiber and boost of nutrition!

Lacatan bananas from home are still the best, though.

And that, my friends, is a semi-pretentious healthy living blog post from yours truly. I hope that I have somehow inspired you to slowly detach from the junk food lifestyle and pack your body with calories that actually matter.

Cheers to a healthier 2012!

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