7 pounds in 7 days: My verdict on the GM Diet

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve subjected myself to a commitment last week. Not only did I promise myself to get through (and stick to!) this GM Diet, I also promised myself something a bit more important than that: to learn discipline.

Here is the breakdown and accurate account of the past seven days:

Note that this diet was coupled with regular exercise and constant hydration. I never starved myself in the past (my friends would know) and even when I chose a diet to stick to, I made sure that the program of my choice didn’t get in the way of that, either. It was a challenge to stick to the meal plans during this week so I really had to get out of my way and do some grocery shopping for my supply of food. It cost me a bit more than what I usually spend per week, but I guess that comes with how much I really wanted a lifestyle change.

What pushed me to do this diet was a day at the gym last Monday. When I hit the scale and found the bar drop when I slid the weight square down to 150, I knew I had to do something with my 157 lbs frame. Although I register as 5’7″ and my current weight was still in the bounds of what medical standards called normal, I was 3 pounds away from being categorized as overweight. I did not want that– and so I took the plunge. For those of you in the middle of a situation similar to mine, or if you simply want to lose a few pounds for ‘aesthetic’ reasons, I give you my two cents on the GM Diet below. 

When should I do the GM Diet?

  • Definitely NOT during a school week (or a work week, for those employed). I struggled to prepare for my meals because working an 8-7pm schedule didn’t really give me the time to be in the kitchen to prepare my meals. Luckily for me, I had my Ninang and Wawa help me out so that took some time off my shoulders. During the diet, you will also pee a lot because of your increase in water intake, so another thing to consider is the proximity and availability of a bathroom when you need to go. It’s best to do this cleanse during your break or vacation, when you’ve got nothing else to do but lounge around the house. Stress from work and school won’t mix well with the GM Diet, trust me.

I am not used to eating fruits or vegetables, can I still do it?

  • I recommend having servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet 2 weeks before getting into the GM. I didn’t need this kind of conditioning because I eat fruits and vegetables regularly but I’m afraid jumping into this “drastic” change can have its consequences–even for those who are used to having a lot of fiber. Case in point: me. (Read below.)

Did you meet any difficulties during the diet?

  • Last night, during my last day on the diet, my stomach gave up on me. After having eaten roughly 3 spoonfuls of rice, my tummy started to hurt and the rest was history. I spent 12 hours (the entire night up until I woke up this morning– even as I write this post my tummy feels funny, actually) writhing in pain. I threw up a couple of times and I was constantly excreting water, if you know what I mean. What caused this, I don’t really know, but three of my culprits are 1) nabigla ako sa  [the rice surprised my tummy] or 2) I wasn’t used to a week’s worth of excessive fiber intake  or 3) the spinach salad/juices I ate/drank did not mix well with one another. Whatever the cause, though, and whether this was part of the GM Diet “cleanse”, it felt like I was in hell for the last 12 hours. It was difficult and as I tweeted this morning: “Sa sobrang intense, pwedeng heartache nalang ulit?”

I do not go to the gym. Can I do without the exercise and still obtain results?

  • No. I don’t think this would work without constant exercise. Since this diet does not starve you and most days it even allows you to “eat to your heart’s content”, I highly suggest that you return this privilege by burning off those extra calories. I made it a point to get my daily dose of exercise (as seen in my daily exercise record in the above links), even though it was as simple as taking a brisk walk outside or doing some exercise videos off the TV.

The title of this post gives it away, and yes folks, I have proudly lost 7 pounds in 7 days. I expected this amount of loss as compared to the 10-17 lbs claim of the GM Diet and I was right. A pound per day seemed more realistic than two, and so losing 7 pounds was an “Oh yeaaaah!” moment for me. From 157 lbs to 150 lbs? Not bad at all.

Much as an achievement this was and even though I am ecstatic about the results, I don’t think I’ll ever subject myself to a diet in the near future. It’s one thing to go against my principles of “kain lang ng kain” (but admittedly, I know this is wrong, too), but to do it twice? Never again. I guess I didn’t like the fact of being restricted to a certain meal plan (even though I like fruits and vegetables and whatnot) and not being able to just “do what you want”. In certain aspects, it felt like a chain was being tied to my neck the entire week– and that’s one feeling I absolutely hate!

Nonetheless, I would not have had it any other way. What I took from last week was a new perspective on fitness and going on this diet taught me the importance of discipline both in choosing what to eat and pushing yourself to exercise. After today, I would definitely take my advice and make it a point to work out (in whatever way) regularly and stay away from the fatty, sugary, and oily food options around me. Although I’ve been known to be someone who eats ‘healthy’ food on a regular basis, I need more control in terms of my intake and my sudden cravings. I’ll work on that and this was a great start! It’s like I hit the reset button with this diet– I feel fresher, lighter, and yes, cleaner.

So there you have it, my verdict on the GM Diet. Care to share some of your fitness and weight loss experiences with me? My goal is to get to 130 lbs, I have 20 more pounds to go but after losing 7, I know that I just have to continue making smart, healthy choices and keep on going. Cheers!

P.S. – I also learned to cook during this week– and that’s something my mom would be proud of. It’s not much considering that the only thing I can decently cook is tuna pasta, but my version of stuffed tomatoes is definitely one for the books! I’m also chewing on this organic marinara mushroom wheat pasta I just made. Yum, yum! Trader Joe’s, you are my new best friend. 

6 thoughts on “7 pounds in 7 days: My verdict on the GM Diet”

    1. Awww Aiks! thanks! Hey dont try it you skinny girl, you! :)) i cant wait to see you when i get back! havent seen you since december! :*

    2. Yeah most definitely! i’m sure you’ll have tonz of stories to tell once you get back. Have fun over there girl! and just remember no matter what wait you’re bootyful!

    3. I have TONS too! 😀 cant wait! >:)< i see youre with bridges now. Good luck!!! 😀 looks like youre having a blast 🙂

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