A lack, thereof

I badly want to blog and type my feelings out but it seems like I have nothing substantial to say anyway. I guess what I’ve learned from my past experiences is that it’s better to shut up during your darkest moments than to risk being vulnerable to hurting again.

I’m not depressed nor am I sad, no. It’s just this emptiness that consumes me every day and hinders me from doing anything with passion. I have lost inspiration to study, to write, to create, and to do so many things. I’m generally happy (happier than ever, to be completely honest) and I get by, but there’s something missing—

And I’d kill just to know what (or who) that may be.

9 thoughts on “A lack, thereof”

  1. lovelife? 😦 teh, magPBBteens ka, parang effective eh. tiganan mo si myrtle, big winner! :)) joke!

    1. you can do it, girl. 😦 you’re too young for middle life crisis! let’s drink beer! :)) joke!

    2. Oh you know my drink, girl! Hahaha! Thanks Gracie >:)< I guess what we're both missing is San Francisco. 😦

  2. you’re kinda right. I was a bit happier in SF. :)) Now that I’ve experienced the better part of life (can’t really call it that kasi I wasnt working for my own money when I was there, all expenses paid by parents, but still it’s the better part of life) nakakalungkot sa PH, and I want to escape ph. siguro na rin kasi mas maraming gay sa SF, and I feel like i’m in my home turf, y’know? Though I didnt interact with them, parang it’s nice to know na I’m surrounded by them :))

  3. One word: Senioritis!
    Blurgh, let’s talk? I live like 10 min away from you pala in the South! BBM me when you’re free during the weekends! Miss you + love you! ❤

    1. Definitely! Angie guuuhhh I need you guys back in school! Miss and love you :* Will definitely bbm you when I’m free. I can pick you up :*

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