Pier Market

I’ve been looking through my JTA photos and I realized that I haven’t posted my Pier Market set. It’s one of the best lunches I’ve had in the Bay Area and I can’t wait ’til I get back again. I dined with my brother, Franco and my dad’s best friend, Tito Bernard. I wasn’t able to take note of everything we ate, but that Seafood Jambalaya was probably the best I’ve had!


2 thoughts on “Pier Market”

  1. Love Pier Market. Its never disappointing to get any seafood in that area, I love all the restaurants equally on Pier 39. Without just one of pier 39’s landark restaurants. The wharf would suffer a black eye. Not too fond of chain seafood restaurants that have implanted themselves there. But the originals, are the best for me. Love the wood grilled seafood there. The freshness etc. The aromas of pier 39 in general, have me coming back for more. I’m a big time foody, and just looking at these menus, loooking at the wood fired grilled seafood, crab, the smell of seafood, bread, garlic, chippino etc makes me get goosebumps. I loooove San Francisco, The Wharf, the weather, and everything San Francisco stands for. Its truly my favorite city west of the Mississippi

    1. You’ve summed up all my feelings for San Francisco. I wish I could come back soon and never, ever, ever leave again!

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