Packing for the kids

Delivered and received. Packed 4 out of the 8 boxes in this photo. (Taken from the Philippine Toy Library’s Facebook page)

A few weeks ago, Lexie and I headed over to Pia’s house to help her pack donations for the Philippine Toy Library.

Meet Pia…
…and Lexie!

It was a productive afternoon of dust bunnies, nostalgic memories, and yes– girl talk.

Board games and toys we had (or wish we had!) during our growing up years.
Of all the toys and books we packed, this little one was what I wanted to take home!
Somewhere out there, this cute Elmo stuffed toy is making a child happy.

We got distracted far too many times while packing these goods. Thoughtful girls that we are, we were reminded of a few of our friends with the things we found.

Dark skin, abs, basketball shorts–Jangan.
Cute and…healthy–Apa.

There were also a couple of scary and “What the hell are these?!” toys that went into the boxes that day. Pia received a bunch of papiermâché bears and hand-sewn (yes, hand-sewn!) puppies? Monsters? Baby Chewbaccas? We spent a good lot laughing our asses off because we really couldn’t figure out what these were.

I mean, the time (!!!) it must have taken to sew these, uhm…creatures. The brown ones on the right were extra creepy.
Let’s hope these doesn’t frighten the children as much.

The books we cleaned and sorted out interested us the most. I even saw a complete set of my favorite Golden Books and Fairytale Classics (it didn’t come with the carrying chest, though)!

A book from Pia’s childhood!
Lexie spent a lot of time reading–
–this book! (To help us three single ladies, perhaps?)

After an entire afternoon of packing and a hearty Bannaple delivery for lunch, we finally finished four boxes for the kids!

A day of sembreak well spent, indeed.

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