When things aren’t what you thought they would be

Looking back at my past posts–on Facebook, G+, WordPress, Twitter (everywhere, really), I was pretty sure I’d end up teaching after college. Barely a few weeks after graduation, I found myself going to an interview, saying yes, and completely turning my back on the hopes of going back to being inside a classroom.

Two months into calling Makati my home, you could probably guess that I am nowhere near teaching. Heck, I’m nowhere near writing, even. This disconnect between my goals and dreams vis-à-vis where I am now (see also: perhaps where I need to be at the moment) troubles me constantly, but I know that I have to settle in and accept all these changes soon.

I’m happy, sure, but I just can’t shake the feeling of wanting to be in the academe.

This career thing is tricky business. Somebody help me!

4 thoughts on “When things aren’t what you thought they would be”

  1. Dearest Kara, thank you for putting into words what I feel deep down yet fear to acknowledge. I understand how silly it is to want to be somewhere yet end up in a totally different place–that’s something I’ve been having trouble with, too. But the path to reaching our dreams was never straight to begin with. Sometimes we take detours and our itineraries are compromised. In constant prayer, faith, and hard work, Kara, you’ll get there. Just don’t forget that you’ve also come a long way to be where you are now. 🙂 Kung para sa ‘yo, para sa ‘yo talaga ‘yan. Konting tiis lang! Proud of you anyway! Good luck!!

    1. Hi Kat, we are (as usual) on the same page again! I can’t believe it! Hahaha I’m glad that someone understands what I’m going through, too. I guess this is just all part of what they call “growing up.” It’s a hard transition but as you said, “we’ll get there!” I miss you, Kat. Hope al is well. :*

  2. I feel you girl. As in, the whole dilemma of practicality vs.passion makes me seriously consider and question every career move I do. But do remember feeling confused about everything is normal at this point and eventually, you’l know what to do. You’re such a talented girl Kara I swear, and I thank my lucky stars that I’ve gotten close to you in our Guidon days (we’re so old!!)
    Let’s dinner soon!! And keep on blogging! 🙂

    1. Hi Angie, I really miss you! This message made me tear up. Huuuu I wish we could date again so that we can talk about things that are better off discussed offline 😉 I can’t wait! Love you, Angie! :*

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