Category Guide

Below is a list of the categories I use to catalog my entries here on Keeping up with Karissa. Hope this makes navigating around the site easier. Thanks for visiting!


  • Adventures – From weekend activities to exploring the newest places to be, going wherever my feet take me!
  • Daily Grind – Day to day updates from my end. Random musings and posts I probably put here for the lack of knowing where they belong.
  • Personal – A take on relationships and life realizations with a few attempts in philosophizing like Nietzsche. Inevitably covers the favorite thing we all are compelled to write about: love.
  • San Francisco – Documenting my 6-month stay in San Francisco for a Sociology semester at USF.
  • Travel – #santiagoesplaces
  • Work – Publication work for The GUIDON, internships, writing stints, et al.
  • Photography – A link to all posts with accompanying photographs. All photos taken by yours truly, unless stated otherwise.
  • Books – A link to all posts about reading: good reads (whether digital or print), current trends, etc!

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