When things aren’t what you thought they would be

Looking back at my past posts–on Facebook, G+, WordPress, Twitter (everywhere, really), I was pretty sure I’d end up teaching after college. Barely a few weeks after graduation, I found myself going to an interview, saying yes, and completely turning my back on the hopes of going back to being inside a classroom.

Two months into calling Makati my home, you could probably guess that I am nowhere near teaching. Heck, I’m nowhere near writing, even. This disconnect between my goals and dreams vis-à-vis where I am now (see also: perhaps where I need to be at the moment) troubles me constantly, but I know that I have to settle in and accept all these changes soon.

I’m happy, sure, but I just can’t shake the feeling of wanting to be in the academe.

This career thing is tricky business. Somebody help me!

2012: The year I’d like to remember forever

“In a couple of hours, three to be exact, I will welcome 2012 with open arms and a will to let go. I will work extra hard into making this a possibility: no more hurts, no more stress — just a brand new me that I seek to find here, in the other side of the world. Since academics, work, and a few personal things were a difficult juggling act to balance this year, I will do my best to devote time to recharging and moving forward.

Resolutions are not for me, as I struggle to keep up with them in the first place. What I’m promising myself for 2012, though, is that I’m 100% committed to establishing a better foundation for my future—one that is not to be shaken and one that is driven by faith and by hope. Hopefully, love comes along, too—but until then, I’m quite happy with how things have and will turn out. All for the best, as they say. Hello, 2012!”

The excerpt above was from my last entry exactly this day last year. I wrote it in San Francisco (where I spent half of 2012) with a sense of helpless pleading–pleading for the year to be nothing but the best. After a taxing and emotionally challenging 2011, I did not think I would make it if I were to be thrown into another battle much like was it was. In a sense, one might say that I have given up, lost my fighting spirit. But to me, however, it was more of a submission to fate. I was done fighting. I did not want to fight anything in the coming year.

So I decided that this would be my outlook for 2012: accept, accept, accept, and everything will follow. It did.  Continue reading “2012: The year I’d like to remember forever”

Packing for the kids

Delivered and received. Packed 4 out of the 8 boxes in this photo. (Taken from the Philippine Toy Library’s Facebook page)

A few weeks ago, Lexie and I headed over to Pia’s house to help her pack donations for the Philippine Toy Library.

Meet Pia…
…and Lexie!

It was a productive afternoon of dust bunnies, nostalgic memories, and yes– girl talk.

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Why spring cleaning is important

On lenses and books–finding time during the sembreak to organize the things I love doing the most.

A couple of days ago, I promised myself to finish sorting out the mess that is my room so that my curtains could finally get installed (no photo of my current room, but yes, I did have them successfully up by late of last week). I do my ‘spring cleaning’ thrice a year, one during the summer, one during sembreak and one at the end of the year. This clean-up batch, however, is the most productive (and extensive!) in my opinion, because I’ve found some important things that I didn’t know / forgot existed.

My most jaw-dropping, yes it was that intense, find was this wide-angle converter for my 50mm lens. Since I’ve wanted to focus on my photography more in these coming months, I’m sure that this will come in pretty handy soon enough.

Found this baby under a pile of old jeans. This must’ve come from my tita’s stash of old photography equipment. I can’t wait to shoot with this!

Because of this find, I was determined to fix part of my closet and devote it to my “Things I Love Doing” compartment. I cleared up space for my equipment and I hope this helps inspire me to continue shooting to learn more about the craft.

It’s not much, but putting them all in one space excites me to continue to sharpen my knowledge. That metallic pink camera bag is an added incentive, of course.

Every time school starts, I usually get distracted by academics and tend to go on a photography hiatus. However, as it has proven to leave me with nothing but a rusty skill set and zero pictures to work with, I’ve decided that it’s going to be different this semester. Fingers crossed that I hold up to that resolution.

I also made space for my growing collection of books. Ever since I got back from San Francisco, the number of books I have on hand doubled instantly. With the cheap prices and book fairs held almost every month, I couldn’t help but hoard a lot for the trip back home. Unfortunately, I don’t own a bookshelf so I had to make do with stacking them on top of each other and having two layers (front and back) per compartment.

I can’t wait to finish reading everything here! I still have a lot of pending titles to finish.

Nonetheless, I’m happy with how this arrangement turned out because I get to put the titles I want to read first in front–creating a special space for my “to read-s.”

Pictured here are the titles I want to read next. Currently reading: One Day.

I’m glad that I was able to fix these areas to organize my photography and reading materials. Now, it would be easier for me to keep track of both things without getting too lazy or uninspired to shoot or read because I couldn’t find what I need.

Here’s to going back to living the “insect life,” that is, being a shutterbug and bookworm again come the second semester. I’m really excited for the adventures in store!

When the only thing that makes sense is Tumblr

“There are two people you’ll meet in your life. One will run a finger down the index of who you are and jump straight to the parts of you that peak their interest. The other will take his or her time reading through every one of your chapters and maybe fold corners of you that inspired them most. You will meet these two people; it is a given. It is the third that you’ll never see coming. That one person who not only finishes your sentences, but keeps the book.”