Despite all these thoughts however, there’s this one person who, without even doing anything, pushes me to believe in better days.

Thank you for making me feel like I can look forward to something. Maybe not now, not soon, maybe not even at all– but somehow, you make things lighter and bearable. You make me want to become a better person, rise up from all this, and find myself so that maybe, just maybe, we can find each other.

“In time, I guess, malalaman rin natin.”


I do not know why I think about these things when I’m sad. It’s like the moment I am challenged with something that I have yet to conquer, I scurry back into the hole that’s kept me in the dark.

Please, just let me go. It’s been way too long.

Post after post

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Today officially ends my semestral break. Albeit not being able to take the “break” that it was supposed to be, I’m glad by how this eventful 3 weeks turned out.

Anticipating the roll of even busier days to come (I’m still attending classes, apparently), I beefed up my queued posts on Tumblr to keep it from going on a 2-month hiatus once again. As for this WordPress, I’ve got a gut feeling that it will no longer fall into the traps of a mid-sem stagnation bout because the surge of inspiration I feel will definitely last me a long time.

Looking forward to making blogging a regular activity that’s part of my routine. I’ll definitely need the ‘documenting’ especially when 2012 comes.