Part 1: A girl’s guide to (not) painting the town red

MONTHLY PERIODS choose no one. If you think women are the only ones burdened by this unwanted visitor, I suggest you think again. It will stress out husbands, boyfriends, co-workers, and classmates. Heck, it might even affect the pets. Whoever or whatever comes within close range to a woman on her period must be wary – for she is literally a bomb waiting to explode.

During the duration of approximately three days that may also last until a week, the least a woman could do is provide one’s self with protection that won’t let her down. With the growing industry of sanitary napkins booming in the market today, the choices made available to the average Filipina have become too wide. As a result, decisions get harder and harder to make.

Given that I stand 5’7” and weigh 150 lbs., finding the perfect napkin was quite a hard endeavor. With the market producing napkins suited for the typical petite Filipina frame, I would always opt to purchase the overnight variant of most brands just to ensure myself of reliable coverage.

Have a happy period!

However, even overnight variants (also called: maxi, ultra, plus, and the like) have been produced on a wider scale. The choices are limitless to some extent and choosing the right brand could be a tricky feat.

So, to eliminate the stress of having to deal with the age-old problem of tagos, read along and find out how five different overnight sanitary napkin brands live up to their promise of giving women of the world a manageable and stress-free period.

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