I go click, click

When words are not enough to sum up the week of my stay here in San Francisco, I succumb to updating this blog with a few photos that aren’t even ‘good’ enough to begin with. I’ve admittedly slacked off since the 25th and have hibernated for the past few days. Apart from my short trips around town, stuffing myself with food, and spending hours on Xfinity, I’ve basically just retreated to the comforts of my bed until my tummy begs for a few bites. Buhay baboy is what I would always call it and I don’t think it’s ever gone this bad.

I also want to punch myself for not taking as much photos as I can. Heck, all I have is a low-res shot of my last day in Manila taken with my trusty Blackberry (which I can’t even use now). I hope I get my ass back up before the year ends.

Yes, I have a day left.