Why don’t I own a tablet?

Answer: books

I figured that if I had an iPad or a Kindle, the environmentalist in me would promise never to buy anything that consumes paper ever again. That, of course, includes books. And while being recently dubbed ‘Amazon-literate’ has helped me add books to my collection, owning a tablet would just make me resort to hoarding e-books I probably won’t even read. Either way, I believe it helps me to a) control my lust for an iPad and b) save money because now I have a legitimate reason not to get one.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for the SF Public Library’s Annual Book Sale in Fort Mason. I wanted to go so bad that not knowing where the place was and having class later that day didn’t stop me from getting there. Over an hour’s bus away from home, getting lost, and having a vicinity official escort me to the place, I finally found Fort Mason– or should I say, heaven by the bay.

As you can see, it was in the middle of nowhere: (I was also freezing to death, by the way.)

But once I stepped inside, it was love at first sight.  Continue reading “Why don’t I own a tablet?”