Took this photo just before our final descent. May 21, 2012

Leaving San Francisco wasn’t an easy thing to do. Spending almost half a year in a place where I’ve finally found myself and put the pieces back together, I was hoping it would never end. My trepidation perhaps came from my fear of not being able to love Manila as much as I thought I did and my anxieties over the start of senior year. Was I ready? That I did not know.

However, once I landed, everything fell into place and I can say now that there really is no place like home. No matter how great those six months have been to me, nothing beats the familiar feeling of home, family, friends, and yes–the scorching Manila heat. I’ll be back someday, I will leave this place and explore the world, but until that day comes, it’s definitely great to be back.

My Friday Miss List

Instead of Friday being the end of my week, I am still here waiting for my 6:30am alarm to go off just in time to wake me up for my Saturday class. And in lieu of my whining (again) about how I’d love to be in the South, I decided to create this ‘miss list’. It’s basically the things I utterly miss the most, and well, you get the picture.

1. I miss taking Joe out on dates. See how happy he makes me?

Meet Joe Black

2. I miss riding on a school bus!

Especially when it beeps several times in the morning

3. I miss my long hair.

20 lbs and 7 annoying clouds ago

4. I miss San Francisco.

Downtown SFO

5. I miss not knowing how to ‘live’ on my own.

Hence, burnt breadsticks for dinner

6. I miss not being caught up with readings I don’t even understand.

Her smile = my frown

7. I miss using a good ‘ol desktop for work.

Because there's always something different about using your conventional mouse

8. I miss my Green Archer.

Love you!

9. I miss hanging out in BF.

by Kara Santiago
Especially when we have amazing photos like these

10. And, most importantly, I miss the familiar feeling of home.
See you tomorrow!