Soup, stories, and sobs in between

Ending the stressful week I’ve had could not have been any more perfect than spending time with my closest girlfriends. Albeit having one of our always-spontaneous-dates-turned-sleepover-sessions back home just a few weeks ago, we can never really have too much time spent together especially now that we come from different universities. We missed Cuna that night because, unlike the four of us, she’s still based in the South but nonetheless, last night was one of the nicest and most heart-warming memories I’ll ever have with the barkada.

In the middle of my Shrimp and Asparagus pasta, I broke into a 2-minute waterworks session. I wish I could blame Tomato Kick’s smoky air for irritating my tear ducts, but this just came from the inside. What caused this sudden shift in emotion was my earlier encounter with an email from the past at work yesterday, triggered by something brought up during our casual conversation over cheesy Onion Soup. Whether or not it was the food or the good timing and presence of my friends (or both), I am glad to have let out that ounce of pressure I was trying to suppress.

Things have been going easy for me in terms of my emotional state. I’ve learned to accept things the way they are and have (although not completely) found answers to the questions I’ve been dying to know. A few weeks ago, I received texts and a phone call that I didn’t actually welcome with open arms but learned to appreciate in the end. Even though the situations played themselves out in a way that I least expected them to, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Three things I learned 1) life can indeed be like the movies, 2) I’ve made all the right decisions in choosing myself, and 3) closure can happen even if words are not there. Forgive me for the cryptic paragraph (I also wish I could write more in this blog about things other than my feelings, to be honest), but that turning point in my attempts of finding the right way has been the best yet.

Maginhawa served as a place of comfort for me, literally. Last night’s endless conversations about life and love taught me that although we may think we’ve screwed up and wasted so much time on something we care so much about, the truth of the matter is that we’re young and entitled to make those little trips and falls. I used to think that I knew everything before, but quite frankly, one’s only as good as who s/he was the morning after. Everyday is an opportunity to love and be loved, to create something beautiful, and to experience life with nothing holding you back.

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Say that you love me

Monday night dinner with Lao, Miles and Stods @ Gayuma

After a long day of doing our Advertising Management midterm project, my group decided to end the shoot (and the day) at Gayuma ni Maria. Gayuma is a quaint little restaurant situated somewhere along the area of Maginhawa, Quezon City. With bizarrely named dishes and a clever theme in mind, Gayuma definitely is one for the books. With pink laced up curtain dividers and a dimly lighted atmosphere, this restaurant earns a spot in the list of “places to date”.

The establishment specializes in dishes with a twist, all named after some love struck song or over-used phrase. The menu includes twice baked chicken in olive oil and garlic which they call “Please Be Careful with My Heart” (Miles’ and Stods’ favorite!), “Once You Go Black You Can Never go Back”, a cocoa-crusted cream dory with chocolate sauce and mustard, and “No Boyfriend Since Birth”, a delectable slab of chicken breast topped with cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus.

by Kara Santiago
A strand from the wishing tree

Although quite pricey for a hole-in-the-wall establishment, the experience of dining in Gayuma is worth your money. The interesting “wishing tree” (where you could tie ribbons which have your promises/dreams written on it), Naughty Nook, and Ifugao tribal corner (wherein they sell nifty necklaces, dream catchers and trinkets made by the Ifugao tribe) add to the mysterious quirkiness of the place. The ambiance and over-all vibe of the restaurant will definitely draw you back to Gayuma — literally having its magical potion work on the hopeless romantic in all of us.

The GUIDON goes Lacoste, et. al.

Yesterday was a bucketful of happy hormones for myself yet again. I spent the entire afternoon with amazing people and went on a shoot for this academic year’s column profile photos for The GUIDON. We headed off to Camera Cart Studios in Maginhawa and needless to say, it was quite the experience. I tried to take a few (awfully blurry) camera phone photos here and there, but of course nothing can beat the magic of my friend and Photo Editor, Pia Guballa.

Without further ado, here’s my wonderful day in photos!

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