7 pounds in 7 days: My verdict on the GM Diet

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve subjected myself to a commitment last week. Not only did I promise myself to get through (and stick to!) this GM Diet, I also promised myself something a bit more important than that: to learn discipline.

Here is the breakdown and accurate account of the past seven days:

Note that this diet was coupled with regular exercise and constant hydration. I never starved myself in the past (my friends would know) and even when I chose a diet to stick to, I made sure that the program of my choice didn’t get in the way of that, either. It was a challenge to stick to the meal plans during this week so I really had to get out of my way and do some grocery shopping for my supply of food. It cost me a bit more than what I usually spend per week, but I guess that comes with how much I really wanted a lifestyle change.

What pushed me to do this diet was a day at the gym last Monday. When I hit the scale and found the bar drop when I slid the weight square down to 150, I knew I had to do something with my 157 lbs frame. Although I register as 5’7″ and my current weight was still in the bounds of what medical standards called normal, I was 3 pounds away from being categorized as overweight. I did not want that– and so I took the plunge. For those of you in the middle of a situation similar to mine, or if you simply want to lose a few pounds for ‘aesthetic’ reasons, I give you my two cents on the GM Diet below.  Continue reading “7 pounds in 7 days: My verdict on the GM Diet”

For real this time

A no-shame account of my weight loss issues and my steps to finally solving them.

In my 19 years of existence, I have never gone on a serious diet. I was once a pescetarian, but after a year and 7 months into it, my doctor advised me to switch back to eating meat because my blood type cannot handle a protein-free lifestyle.

Goal weight: back to 130lbs

Almost a year after I quit, I found myself gaining sporadically throughout junior year. There were months where I was at my best, some where my shorts didn’t look as pleasing, and a couple where I could wear a tight top without looking like a walking longganisa. However, as the year came to a close and I moved to San Francisco, my weight went off my usual average. This didn’t alarm me–however, it bothered me every so often that I decided on hitting the gym last February as my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.

A month and 5 days later, yesterday to be exact, I weighed myself in the scale at the gym and found out that I gained a whopping 3 pounds over spring break. It does not seem like a lot to some, but this definitely alarmed me because I reached the borderline BMI for being overweight. “This is enough,” I told myself, and there’s no more excuse for me not to do anything about this.

Current weight: 157lbs (look at that belly...)

I’m that kind of girl who doesn’t care that I’m no longer a Size 2, or that when I go shopping, I normally reach for the L instead of my usual M. You know? Just to be sure. I love my jiggly thighs and my 3 layers of bilbil and what I love even more is that I can still wear a bikini with all confidence even though my friends who surround me are skinny supermodels. I love my body, but I love my health even more.

This is where my drastic week-long change to kickstart my journey to reclaiming my old self begins. Using the GM Diet to cleanse my system before I begin my weight loss goal of -27 lbs, I hope that this will successfully help me shed off the initial 10 lbs +/- I plan to lose. Coupled with this diet is my daily exercise routine and an increase in my water intake. I will blog about this attempt to undergo the rigors of undergoing a weight loss program which is, for me, a challenge to my discipline more than a challenge to my palate.

It's about the food choices you make (my cart on the left)! Drastic changes, if you ask me, but it's time I went back to eating things from the earth.

Join me and wish me all the best. With a family history of hypertension and diabetes, I would hate myself forever for not taking this step to a healthier me.

As a fitness blogger once said: “It’s not about losing the weight fast, it’s about keeping yourself healthy and learning how to stay that way forever.”